1st Alabama Cavalry, Co. G                            
Wheeler's Escort

To All Prospective Members:

1st Alabama Cavalry Co. G, Wheeler's Escort, INC. is registered as a non-profit corporation of Alabama, whose general purpose is to serve as an educational vehicle in the portrayal of the Civil War Cavalryman.

Our primary purpose is living history. We offer a unique program utilizing the drill manuals of the 1800s for our military impressions. The members are trained in the use of arms and equipment used by cavalry soldiers during that time. Equipment used is either original or exact reproductions that are painstakingly researched.

1st Alabama Cavalry often performs living history demonstrations and educational presentations. We primarily concentrate on impressions of the Civil War Cavalry, both mounted cavalry and cavalry that has dismounted to enter the battlefield to fight on foot, then to remount and ride to fight another day. The non-military persons perform the Civilian impressions: Men, Women and Children.

I want to welcome you to the ranks of the 1st Alabama Cavalry. We have a very strong reputation among reenactors of being one the best mounted and dismounted units in the hobby. We are also known as having one of the best AUTHENTIC units in the country. We portray both Union and Confederate Cavalrymen at various events of the War between the States so ALWAYS bring both uniforms with you to the events. To help coordinate our members for a given event on arrival times, camp setup areas, etc., we ask that you contact the unit commander or NCOs to advise us of your plans.

We all do our part at events to see that whatever duties need to be performed gets completed. For better coordination and authenticity, we utilize a chain of command as in the regular army. This helps coordinate and communicate information better to each member so that all orders are carried out.

At events we are on a schedule for military and battle presentations. There are certain times scheduled for battle/drill readiness and for weapons inspections. We may also call for a unit meeting at anytime to update each trooper on the activities to take place at the event. All personnel are expected to be present an on time for specific activities at events. There are various activities that take place other than military presentations such as ladies' tea, medical presentations and dances.

Again, Thank You for considering our organization. We will have a lot of fun at events with our families. Our unit is expected to be rank and file when military impressions are in order and to have fun leisurely with families at others.

Remember we are all troopers and that this activity is a hobby. We, the unit, are governed by a majority vote of the membership. This unit simply belongs to the members.

Respectfully yours,

Captain Derrick Callahan
Commanding:  1st Alabama Cavalry Co. G, Wheeler's Escort, 3rd Brigade, 1st Battalion Cleburne's Division(General's Escort Unit)

*This introduction was written by Major General Joe Way Commander of Cleburne's Division when he was Commander of Wheeler's Escort.

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